Doodle Astro iOS Game

Meet the doodle Astronaut , all you have to do is keep Astronaut aloft by drawing lines and shapes on a chalk board, all while earning points towards a high score. But hey, watch out for the depleting chalk level.Use your artistic skills to play the game but remember you have a limited artistic freedom.

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Cheese Slice Trailer

Cheese Slice

Cheese Slice is a fun physics based android game.The objective is to slice the cheese by sliding your finger to drop sliced cheese off the screen.The game is still in development.



Grenadier Screenshot
Experience the most exciting and enthralling action-packed physics game on android smartphone through Grenadier! Here, your main objective is to blow up all your enemies by strategically throwing limited number of grenades at right places. Get prepared to play through 48 challenging levels with realistic physics & funny graphics.
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‘Grenadier’ was twice selected for the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain (

“Grenadier Offers Physics With A Bang” –

“Experience the most exciting and enthralling action-packed physics game on android smartphone through Grenadier! ”

‘Grenadier’ was also listed in Android markets ‘Trending apps’ list for a week.

My first game release in android market – Bubbly Fish

Bubbly Fish:

Bubbly Fish ScreenShot
It’s eat or be eaten in the harsh, underwater world of Bubbly Fish, an accelerometer-based game for your Android device. Well, really, it’s not that harsh: the game takes place in a beautiful aquamarine environment, and all the fish are colorful and fun to look at. But no matter how gussied-up the place looks, your fish has still got to be tough.

The goal of this game is simple: eat all the fish that are smaller than you, and don’t get eaten by the bigger ones. Tilt your phone to control your fish’s movements. The more fish you eat, the bigger you grow; the bigger you grow, the more fish you can eat. It works out nicely that way (as long as you’re not the one getting eaten).

How it all started.

It was around July 2010 when I first thought of developing an app for android.The biggest problem I faced when I started was, “what to make” and “where to start”. Coming from a C++ background, Java isn’t difficult and even if it is , there’s Google.

The first thing that came in my mind was to make a racing game, but with zero idea about graphics, it seemed to be very difficult. I started researching about different open source game engines for android, that is when I found “AndEngine” , I guess the quickest to get started with.I started with a small 2d car racing game ,not even worth mentioning.

The next project was an app that connects to a desktop application and lets you send and receive SMS from desktop.The app development was complete and worked as expected , but then it din’t seem like an app that I could sell and make money,also there was no way to display ads as it runs as a Service in the OS.

I started exploring about Box2D in AndEngine. Playing around with samples given with AndEngine, I was truly impressed and amazed with features of Box2D and the ease with which a 2d physics game can be developed in AndEngine.I developed a physics puzzle game called “Icy Island” but the performance of game in my phone(Samsung Galaxy i7500) was not impressive , that is when I started looking for other options and I found LibGdx mentioned in the AndEngine forum.

LibGdx at first look , didn’t seem as easy as AndEngine but it was and is real pleasure playing with LibGdx now.The first game that I developed with LibGdx was “Bubbly Fish”. I also released two version of the game in the android market,one free ad-supported version and other paid version of $0.99. The game didn’t really do well in the market, the ad supported version would make around $1/day and the paid version had about 10 purchases per month.

Anyone who begins android game development and is confused between AndEngine and LibGdx I would suggest to choose based on the needs and features.Both AndEngine and LibGdx are great libraries packed with features.